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Lead At Work"Lynda started me off on the path of tapping into my inner strengths. She recognized them before I did! She helped me to see that emotional intelligence is as important as intellectual intelligence. Through a particular difficult time in my life – coping with a responsible job and having my first baby, Lynda helped me to understand how to make the situation work in my favor. You cannot change the environment in which you find yourself, but you can change your attitude towards it. I am now on maternity leave with my second baby and have great plans for combining a career and motherhood.”
Tracy Balachandran – Head of Global Change Finance, Barclaycard, UK
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Lead At Work"Lynda has a strong passion for bringing out the best in individuals, especially women. She is very insightful, pragmatic and a role model for demonstrating empathy and genuine care. 

I highly value Lynda's advice - she continues to make a difference in my life and the lives of people who interact with her".
Shenaz Khan - General Manager - People, BT Financial Group (part of Westpac Bank), Sydney, Australia

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Lead At Work"By giving me the tools to highlight my strengths and minimize my weaknesses my confidence has grown enabling me to get my opinion heard and be taken more seriously in the workplace as well as helping me focus on gaining a professional qualification, working with Lynda has really helped me unlock my potential".
Haidee Mallen, Human Resources Manager, Gazeley Ltd EMEA
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Lead At Work"I have always been able to stand up for myself under pressure, but used to take things personally and get upset when others were unreasonable. With coaching from Lynda, I was able to become emotionally smarter and not let others negatively affect me or distract me from my goals and ambitions. Also through Lynda’s coaching, I have learnt to remember who I really am and not become what people want me to be. Remembering who I am and what I really want out of my life made me realise that I could do much more for me and that personal development is never too late in someone’s life"
Diana Woodman, Personal Assistant to Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer
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Lead At Work"Through Lynda’s coaching, I have learned to appreciate people’s unique characters and differences. I have learnt how to free myself from those irritations which can lead to frustrations and stress. I am now more patient and this has made my relationships and communication with others happier and more meaningful."
Bai Nuo, Office Manager, China
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Lead At Work"By encouraging me to have the courage of my convictions my confidence has grown hugely both in and out of the workplace. This has enabled me to carve a great position in my current company so that I have the work/life balance that I have been striving for. Lynda used a holistic approach with me, focussing on work and personal life together. This was perfect for me and I now believe that it is possible for women to have it all - a rewarding career and to be paid my worth and a balanced home life too where I feel empowered enough to make time for myself. Lynda is an inspiration to me as she has helped me unlock my potential and take responsibility for my life; my life feels richer as a result."
Emma Mirams, Business Change Project Manager, National Policing Improvement Agency , UK
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Lead At Work"Lynda's coaching on the day after I was diagnosed with cancer helped me to whizz through the shock, anger, denial and depression phases in a matter of hours. I accepted the change and got stuck into using my resourcefulness to support my healing and create my future. I've been in remission for over 3 years!"
Jennie Boulton, Director Connectedness Ltd UK
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Lead At Work"Lynda's coaching has helped me transform the way that I operate within the workplace by showing me a way of relating and empathising with everybody I interact with."
Emma McKenzie EMC T Ltd Finance Consultant for corporations including Unilever
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Lead At Work"My desire was to find a stimulating and rewarding senior management position in very difficult market conditions that would not impact on my new priorities as a new Mum. This journey had many hurdles and mentoring from Lynda enabled me to overcome obstacles and maintain my vision to successfully achieve my goal."
Wendy Hart-Wilson, Open University UK
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Lead At Work"Grounded, developed, experienced, spiritual and above all else very REAL. Lynda is someone who has been there, done it, knows it and has a heart wide open, I wouldn't hesitate is recommending Lynda to any Executive."
Kim Hayward-Matty, Division Director, Macquarie Bank, Australia
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Lead At Work"Lynda was extremely helpful recently when coaching me through a difficult work issue I had been asked to assist with. Her advice helped the employee to form a clear, focused view on an impending situation which she was then able to discuss in a reasoned way with her manager. The outcome was a positive reaction on both sides, avoiding what could have been an unpleasant and stressful situation for all involved."
Kathy Tubb, PA to Managing Director, Shire Pharmaceuticals Limited
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Lead At Work"Lynda, you are really one of the most graceful women I have ever seen before. At the time when you were here in Shanghai, I was in low spirit because my goal seemed not to be reached by reasons of big changes in my company. Fortunately, you knew me more than myself you analysed my wants and dont's. You guided me how to achieve my goal with efforts. The last day before you left you sent everyone a candle, you hope for us to emblaze others. The Bible says "it is more blessed to give". In our life we often experience that when we help others without requesting returns we get real happiness. I will try to be candle."
Huang Xinpeng, Finance Executive, China