I want to see a balance of both men and women in senior positions at work and a better quality of life for all.

I believe that a true balance of both male and female talents, wisdom and qualities will make a positive difference in the world, influence corporate decisions, results and a better life quality.

The fact is that there is still a wide gender gap in the business world. Earlier this year, a report by the Equal Opportunities Commission said that 10% of directors of the UK's FTSE 100 firms are women. The commission calculated that, to begin redressing the imbalance, a further 6,000 women should be in top positions. Wow! What an opportunity! I am passionate about helping women to get top jobs.

I am passing on the simple strategies I have learnt to help fast track your career and get paid your worth and be an effective leader.

On average, women graduates get 37% less than men, exactly the same as the gap between male and female earnings when the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1970.

I am not interested in focusing on the barriers or the doom and gloom. The legislation is in place and we have far more opportunities available to us that our mothers or grandmothers ever had.

What will make the difference and bring balance is women believing that they can and knowing how to do it. The easiest way to learn is to model high performing women that have achieved success especially in adverse conditions.

Lead At Work

“I am supporting the Lead At Work Programme, as I believe that one of the biggest hurdles for the majority of talented women is persuading them to have the confidence in their own ability for progression and to just embrace new opportunities. Whereas a significant proportion of men push themselves forward even if they are only 20% ready women tend to wait until they are 80% ready and let 20% of doubt rule why they couldn’t possibly be ready for the next step!”
Alistair Baker CEO Cogent, former MD of Microsoft

Lead At Work

Yes there are many hardworking women who are being overlooked and underpaid. But there are thousands of women reaching great career heights and getting paid their worth.

According to Barbara Stanny, in the US 950,000 women are making over six figure salaries and 86,000 of them are working part-time. That was recorded over 6 years ago, so there must be over 1m by now. So the fact is today there are a lot of women holding senior positions and earning a lot of money.

I am so excited about my leadership programme dedicated for professional women. I have seen amazing results from the women I have supported and I want to help many more. That’s why I am focusing and specialising on women and have pulled together the best of my experience to share with you.

Why women only..? Isn’t this stuff important for men too, I have to work in a man’s world? These are some of the discussions we have had.

Don’t get me wrong. I love men. There are a number of men who have had an important influence on my success. Above all I am grateful for the support from my husband. At times we both held senior and demanding positions and had to work together bringing up our children and keep a balance in our lives.

I also coach and run workshops for many male senior executives including CEOs and CFOs and they are totally supportive of this programme.

I believe that giving women space in an all female environment with a programme that is uniquely tailored for them, allows them to discover and explore at a deeper level. A group of women together naturally support each other, find their voice and the level of authenticity and understanding is powerful.

This is not a “man back-biting club” it is important that we know how to communicate truthfully, respectfully and in harmony with each other. We need to value and appreciate the natural qualities of what men bring to work as well as valuing, appreciating and communicating our own natural qualities, gifts and talents.

So in summary, I am passionate about helping professional women to fast track their career, get paid their worth and be effective leaders.