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How to Be a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep your Sanity!

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How to Be a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep your Sanity!

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ISBN 978-0-9563178-0-3

This information is key for professional women who want to know how to fast track their career and get paid what they are worth.

I am really excited about finally recording my personal success strategies and pass on my “know how to” formulas for the first time.

Packed full with skills, techniques and strategies that I used to elevate my career from a shorthand typist to becoming a Boardroom Director. You can access and refer back to these unique strategies and advice at anytime.

These straightforward techniques will show you how to have a career and salary you want as well as enjoying a balanced life. This Home Study Guide reveals exactly what works and what doesn’t. Saving you time, money and stress!

Yes it can be done! You can have a rewarding well paid career and a happy balanced life.

I achieved my promotions and pay rises within the same FTSE 100 Company.

“It is not true that you need to jump from job to job in order to get what you want out of your career. You can progress your career, grow your salary and increase your benefits, if you know how to communicate clearly, influence at all levels, with confidence. I became a leader through trial and error and I will be revealing to you everything that works, in this fast track easy to use guide. My success was in a male dominated and tough business environment. I believe that it is entirely false that you need to “be like a man” to fit in and get on in business” it is possible and is important to retain and embrace your femininity, wisdom and use natural attributes. Industry is crying out for balance and I believe that being true to yourself can actually propel you forward faster.”

At only 64

Wendy Hart-Wilson“This Guide has been really clear and refreshing. It will give anyone the tools to be able to step back from a problem and give them ideas of what to do.

A key challenge for women is having enough time. This workbook is broken down into small steps, and keeps you on track. I found the exercises clear, simple and they work with many “wow!” moments. I loved the simple statement “Remember that you can choose your reaction” and then showed me how to do this. In one section, I found myself laughing out loud. It got me into a creative mood and ideas started to flow in abundance.”
Wendy Hart-Wilson, HR Manager BMW