Fast Track Mentoring

Limited to only 8 executives per year

This exclusive programme is for professional women who want a personalised 1 to 1 service to get clear direction on how to elevate their career and achieve the life they want. Mentoring can be used at any stage at work and is valuable when you want to:

As your mentor I will give advice and strategies to help you at key stages in your career. We will work together on your own personal roadmap to success, in the location that best suits you. See below for options.

Your Programme

Session 1 Half day

You will be inspired with re-newed enthusiasm and a clear way forward. I want you to believe that “Whatever life throws at me, I can handle it ” And know that “Whatever I want to achieve, I can”

The following 5 x half day sessions

Will be dedicated to finding solutions to achieve what you want.

It is of ultimate importance that you feel completely supported, are inspired, learn proven strategies and have a clear plan to achieve your goals that will directly impact your career and life.

We will work together on real and practical scenarios.

You will learn how to ....

... in other words be given the keys to success.

Free Bonuses Worth £1005As well as the 6 half day personalised 1 to 1 mentoring you will also benefit from:

All 6 sessions including supporting bonuses for you for just £3,300 + VAT

6 monthly payment plan £550 + VAT per month
or Pay in advance and save 15% @ £2805 + VAT

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Remember my risk free guarantee. If you don’t feel satisfied that I have provided you with useful practical insights, increased your confidence or that you don’t feel clear how to move forward, I will refund the payment even after 6 months! Basically there is no risk to you. If you implement the tried and tested proven strategies, you will see results or get your money back.

This is leadership development that stays with you as it is not only inspiring it is practical and personal to you. You will be able to use your learning and see the results.

Your Success Roadmap Dedicated to you and your success we can work together to define and implement your personal “Success Roadmap”

Based on solid experiences and proven success I will share with you my personal strategies and show you how to adopt these in easy to follow steps that you will be able to commit to and focus on.

You will find that your personal time will be freed up as you are released from worrying about how to handle people issues or the fear about being able to succeed.

Lead At Work"My desire was to find a stimulating and rewarding senior management position in very difficult market conditions that would not impact on my new priorities as a new Mum. This journey had many hurdles and mentoring from Lynda enabled me to overcome obstacles and maintain my vision to successfully achieve my goal."
Wendy Hart-Wilson, Open University UK
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Lead At Work"Grounded, developed, experienced, spiritual and above all else very REAL. Lynda is someone who has been there, done it, knows it and has a heart wide open, I wouldn't hesitate is recommending Lynda to any Executive."
Kim Hayward-Matty, Division Director, Macquarie Bank, Australia
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If you have already been identified by your company as a “high potential”, why not ask your company to support you in this unique leadership programme?

What is a mentor? A mentor needs to be someone who you can trust who will be on your side whilst giving objective and unbiased advice. Some choose to have more than one mentor. There are two mentor options: A leader in your workplace and/or an independent industry leader.

A mentor in your workplace – if a senior colleague is willing to give you time it can be a valuable asset and is completely FREE.

An independent mentor – is someone separate from office politics, with no hidden agendas. Breaking through limiting beliefs sometimes incorporates personal aspects as they are likely to be intrinsically linked to successes and failures in your career.

What my mentors have done for me. “They have pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of and demonstrated that they were completely on my side. They were always there to listen and offer practical advice and helped me through the difficult times.”

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Location Options Your individual sessions are flexible either: at a location of your choice, at my Hampshire office - overlooking fields and nature or within your workplace. I regularly travel internationally so am willing to bring your mentoring to you. There will be a charge to cover any travel expenses.

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