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Would you like your own individual 1 to 1 time?

Valuable "Guilt Free S P A C E " to get clear about what you want, understand how to remove barriers and find ways forward. Enjoy some golden light bulb moments, gain renewed energy, confidence and self belief. You will find significant and practical ways to move forward. GUARANTEED.

In your exclusive sessions you may like to know how to...

Precious time to focus on a unique session just for you whilst you will discover that your results will effectively impact others. You will find this quality experience, worthwhile and constructive.

I am passionate about giving the opportunity to women to fast-track their career development and to know how to use proven strategies to effect their success and the results of their teams.

I regularly offer Executive Coaching for corporate companies helping both male and female senior executives elevate their career. I want to also make more time available for professional individuals. That's why I am offering 5 x 1 hour sessions for 495 (+ VAT) This is only 99 per session! Just a fraction of my regular corporate fee.

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And You can even get your individual sessions cheaper if you choose to pay in advance. At a flat fee of 375 (+ VAT) which works out at only 75 + VAT per session .

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Your individual session is flexible, either face to face at my office - overlooking fields and nature or - via the telephone in the comfort of your own chair.

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In addition individual sessions you will have

75 is less than some beauty treatments!

For 5 sessions at 375. My daughter paid more for 3 trips to the hairdressers! Great hair by the way, she went from a blonde to a brunette - now that's instant transformation.

Of course pampering, pruning and getting support is an important part of life balance, I am totally for it.

How much have you been investing in your personal development, your inner pampering and well being?

It is a significant part to help you enjoy a great work life balance. Anyway ladies when you earn good money you can hire help and you even have the choice to give it away if you want to! Contact Me

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Lead At Work"By encouraging me to have the courage of my convictions my confidence has grown hugely both in and out of the workplace. This has enabled me to carve a great position in my current company so that I have the work/life balance that I have been striving for. Lynda used a holistic approach with me, focussing on work and personal life together. This was perfect for me and I now believe that it is possible for women to have it all - a rewarding career and to be paid my worth and a balanced home life too where I feel empowered enough to make time for myself. Lynda is an inspiration to me as she has helped me unlock my potential and take responsibility for my life; my life feels richer as a result."
Emma Mirams, Business Change Project Manager, National Policing Improvement Agency , UK
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Lead At Work"Lynda's coaching gave me confidence to speak up and put my views forward. This has helped me gain the respect of senior management and the government officials. I am now able to understand the value that I bring to the business environment and I now know how to conduct my business relationships in order to get results".
Lin Lei, Senior Development Manager,Gazeley China
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Lead At Work"I have always been able to stand up for myself under pressure, but used to take things personally and get upset when others were unreasonable. With coaching from Lynda, I was able to become emotionally smarter and not let others negatively affect me or distract me from my goals and ambitions. Also through Lynda's coaching, I have learnt to remember who I really am and not become what people want me to be. Remembering who I am and what I really want out of my life made me realise that I could do much more for me and that personal development is never too late in someone's life"
Diana Woodman, Personal Assistant to Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer
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Lead At Work"Lynda's coaching on the day after I was diagnosed with cancer helped me to whizz through the shock, anger, denial and depression phases in a matter of hours. I accepted the change and got stuck into using my resourcefulness to support my healing and create my future. I've been in remission for over 3 years!"
Jennie Boulton, Director Connectedness Ltd UK

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